Developer Geek At Your Service

With passion for web developing, we work to deliver an awesome, easy-to-use and functional site which you can be proud of! :D 

What we're good at

  • Web Developing

    Creating a site made specifically to your needs.

  • e-Commerce Store

    Development from scratch, bug fixing, new features? Anything you need, we deliver.

  • Apps Install

    Need an app installed, checked or fixed? Ask us for help. 

  • Consutling

    Have any questions about how to use the Shopify Dashboard to your advantage? 

What we have done

Shop Kinedu


On Running Shoes

ViveCanada Mx

Mallea Activwear


MakeUpStore Cosmetics

Kartini Chocolates

Not Another Birthday

SmartBed by Don Colchón


Poliregio Bolsas

Shopify Expert

With over 8 years working on Shopify and Shopify Plus stores and over 9 as a web developer. 


What is your pricing?

My pricing starts from $ 25.00 dollars and up. I usually charge per hour per functionality. Meaning I'll make an hourly based quote, but all functionalities in the quote will not charge extra if I take longer then what was on the quote. 

Are you a team or a single person?

Right now its currently myself, but I have several people who help me with the design, branding, marketing and SEO. I take care of all the functionalities and development of the stores and apps :D Don't worry it will all go in one quote and I'll make sure everything is delivered as it was planned in the quote made.

Do you offer Web Design?

Yeah! :D On that side I'm helped by my good friend Luly Olvera (you can see her portafolio HERE) She is a really good web designer who has helped me with most of the stores I've built :D 

What kind of functionalities have you worked on?

Mostly specific needs for each case, things like: 

* Subscriptions Pop Ups
* Up Sell Pop Ups
* Swatches of single, dual or image buttons for variants
* Bundle Product Sale
* Collections special filters
* Special Inputs on Products
* Stock out or delivery flags
* Discount flags on collections and products

And many other functionalities. 

If you have the need for anything else, contact me to and we can talk about what would be the best course of action to meet your needs :D 

What type of payments do you accept?

I accept payments generally via TransferWise, but I also accept payments via PayPal. If you have a specific payment method, we can look into it no problem. 

Any other questions?

Please do contact me to may email: with any other questions you have :D 

You got questions, we got answers! :D

If you have any questions or would like me to make a quote on any job do not hesitate to contact us :D


WhatsApp: +52 (81) 8253 2808

Or use the next form to get in touch! :D I will answer within 24 hours :P

Coming Soon :P

Soon I'll Implement Web Development and Consulting Plans as well as Shopify Courses. 

Proud Shopify Partner

With more then 15 Shopify Stores developed and set up and over 50 stores helped from around the world. We are proud members of the Shopify Partners Program. 

Brands Worked With


  • Kimberly & Clark

  • Don Colchón

  • CTR Uniformes

  • On Running